Our oil filters are designed to particles which are formed during the process of the motor, due to the friction between the piston and the cylinder, hence to send clean oil to the motor.

We are producing these filters as element type.


Our fuel filters are designed to filter unwanted particles in the motor fuel, hence to send the totally cleaned fuel back to the motor.

We are producing these filters as element type.


Our filters are designed to hold the particles in the air which will drift into the motor, hence to let the particle-free and clean air pass into the system.

We are producing these filters, for heavy construction equipment and industrial type groups; as cylindrical, panel, rectangular, cardboard-cased, multi-elemental and PVC types, according to their processing fields and according to the covers that they are placed in.

No matter how hard it is tried, the erosion in the motor due to the dust is inevitable in the long run.

The firm in the Germany that we are importing the filter paper from has got a long way in the research & development (R&D) field, working recently on increasing the efficiency of paper over 99.99%.

The filter paper with the high efficiency and low resistance, for the air filter production.


Our hydraulic filters are designed to filter the particles in the hydraulic oil, to pass the oil to the system, while maintaining and sending the pressure needed for this process.

These filters are element type and preferred especially for heavy construction equipment, industrial machinery and hydraulic circuits of these.