Batư Filtre was founded in 1984 in Izmir; and with 1500 m2 of closed area, production capacity of 80,000 per month and 1,650 types of product variety, Batư Filtre has been successfully serving automotive industry; constructor firms; various public institutions; private tobacco, textile, beverage factories; coal enterprises; iron and steel factories and cement factories, since then.

Within our product range, there exists air, oil, fuel, hydraulic, dust filters, high-pressure filters, panel filters, separator filters, performance filters and Cr-Ni filters.

We have been manufacturing our products with high-efficiency filter papers, industrial air purifiers (dust collector materials) and glass fiber materials that we have been importing from Germany. In addition, for the production of high-pressure filters, AISI 304 and AISI 316 type knitted mesh stainless wires, robusta type Cr-Ni knitted wires and twilled dutch and plain dutch that we have been importing from Spain and Sweden are preferred.

We have been exporting our manufactured goods to the EU countries successfully since 1999.

Our goal is to reach our 20-year-old firm to a level where we will be more integrated with the world with faster production of higher quality goods. For this reason, seeing you in our customer’s portfolio will make us pleased and by this way, we will reach our goals faster and more easily.